Centered at St. Luke’s Lutheran Church in the heart of inner-city Allentown, APT has been active in producing children’s shows and workshops there for the past eight years. And now, as we develop a deep and engaging partnership with the Promise Neighborhood program of Allentown, we have taken our theater programs ever deeper in the fabric of our diverse Allentown neighborhoods. A perfect complement to Promise Neighborhood’s social mission, Allentown Public Theatre is bringing theater and the arts to some of the most important issues in the lives of the people living in the center city.

Current Activities: Our efforts to bring the arts to the inner city began in 2016 with our Voice of Conscience program. Reaching out to local churches such as Lehigh Valley Friends and Christ Lutheran Church, we have brought poetry and song to their congregations followed by rich discussion sessions on racism and social justice. Working from this model, we have since carried on this work in partnership with the Promise Neighborhood Program with whom we are currently planning a set of new engagements for 2020.