Hamlet poster finalHamlet, A Rock Experience

Hamlet, A Rock Experience  (January 13-16) at Allentown’s Symphony Hall, was, as Kelly Huth of The Express-Times wrote, “unlike any other Shakespeare production I have seen. Strobe lights pulsated around the stage, the drama afoot made palpable by the blasts of Pink Floyd melodies.”

Morning Call critic Steve Siegel called it “first and foremost an engaging, contemporary staging of Shakespeare’s play,” in which “the dialogue of … Hamlet and the edgy music of … The Wall brilliantly merge[d] in a show that [was] part rock concert, part play and entirely Shakespeare.” The production was conceived and directed by Joshua Neth,  APT’s Founding Artistic Director.

Blackbird Poster FinalBlackbird

by David Harrower

On March 18, APT opened the Lehigh Valley premiere of this Olivier Award-winner at America on Wheels Museum in Allentown. The provocative drama featured Laura Romano (as Una) and Robb Taylor (Ray/Peter), and was directed by Joshua Neth.  Morning Call reviewer Kathy Lauer-Williams praised the production as “challenging and enlightening . . . a fascinating study of the psyches of the two people involved.”

The gripping story of their past relationship unfolds as Una confronts Ray in the break room at his job. Both actors, the reviewer said, did “an amazing job capturing the intense and changing emotions” of their characters. Just as sentences are left unfinished in the play,  viewers are left to to consider such matters as age of consent and the line between love and abuse. Post-show talk-backs with cast, director, and experts on child abuse, said the reviewer, made the play “even more compelling.”