About Us

Our Mission

“Allentown Public Theatre is dedicated to empowering our diverse communities through the performing arts. We expand opportunities for cultural participation and education in theatre, and create works that address contemporary issues.”

Our History

Allentown Public Theatre was founded in 2008 and designated non-profit in 2009. Since then, APT has produced an array of theatre programming in downtown Allentown. We are committed to carrying out the priorities demonstrated in our title:

 Allentown – we are committed to serving the Allentown community and facilitating its growth as a culturally vibrant place.  We do this through site-specific work that engages Allentown’s history, current events and needs.

 Public – we believe that theatre, both in creation and in attendance should be accessible to all kinds of people, regardless of race, socio-economic status, sexual orientation or gender identity, and we are committed to including Allentown’s many diverse communities in our work and at our events.

 Theatre – we focus primarily on applied theatre – theatre in which the social mission of every project comes first.  This means serving the people of Allentown by responding to specific needs such as heroin addiction prevention, school violence prevention, and criminal justice reform.