In Public Health

APT’s Coming Clean, 2017
Allentown School District
Photo by Susan Weaver

Among the theater’s most important offerings is our Coming Clean Program, a hands-on, educational approach to the opioid crisis in our city and state. In this, we have the unique ability of addressing the real-life circumstances of drug use in the city through the power of the theater. Working with professional consultants and performers, the theater can reproduce on stage the experiences and trials of children and parents who live with those who are swept up in the epidemic. Our goal is to create realistic theatrical moments that can yield powerful conversations; real insights into how to understand and how to deal with drug related problems. 

APT’s 2017 Wendy, An Adventure in Neverland free children’s workshops at St. Luke’s Luthern Church, Allentown
Photo by Susan Weaver

Current Activities: The Coming Clean theater workshop program is now being offered to schools, churches, and social service agencies in the Lehigh Valley. After a period of development in which we enlisted the aid and advice of social service agencies including The Center for Humanistic Change and Treatment Trends, we have developed our current program with agencies such as the Girls and Boys Club of Allentown. Our most recent Coming Clean workshop for the teachers of Greater Lehigh Academy Regional Charter School drew a strong positive response from the eighty teachers attending.